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Zach established Zach T. Carney Architects in 1990 based on the following principles:

Provide Architecture that enriches the owner’s daily life, yet is practical and responds to the owner’s economic constraints.

Designs should vary to reflect skill and sensitivity toward the owner’s individual needs as well as respect the climate and site.

Demand quality construction through thoroughly detailed drawings and material specifications, engage consultants appropriate to each project and spend needed time on site during construction.

All aspects of the project should exceed the owner’s expectation.

In order to meet these goals Zach and or TJ are personally involved throughout the process and are committed to working as team members. The staff remains small and the projects are limited to a select few each year.


First we recognize and value the basic premise that designing and building a home takes a lot of time, effort and money. We know it is not something you do every day and for most it’s a venture you will do once or twice in a lifetime. Experienced guidance is therefore paramount.

We begin by finding out how you will live in your new home. More than likely it will differ from your past routines in some cases. Whereas before you never sat down for breakfast at home, you might have been too rushed to get the kids to school or get to the office or maybe there just wasn’t an inviting place to do so. Now with the children gone and no work to do you desire a morning sunlit space with an intimate table (not that dining room table that seats eight) be it indoor or outdoor to enjoy the beginning of your day, setting the tone to “Live your life in the balance”. Of course this is one small part of how you will use your home but you get the idea.

Among the many other factors to consider, our lowcountry climate may be quite different from what you are accustomed. Outdoor living spaces will become more important while indoor closet space less important. No need to store those winter clothes now.

Beyond the discovery of how you will live there are basic considerations not to be ignored. A bright naturally lit house that takes advantage of the views and brings the outdoors in is a priority. Now with all those windows proper sun shading especially if it is a southern exposure can not be overlooked. August heat can be brutal. Obviously an efficient heating and cooling system must be incorporated but dehumidification is critical here not only for your comfort but to protect the materials and furnishings in your home. The local climate also plays a big role in what materials are used both indoor and outdoor. We have experience in what works and doesn’t. Tried and true is foremost but we don’t overlook longevity and sustainability (green).

This is just a sampling of how we help you in starting the design of your perfect home.

Equally important as our role in the physical design, we coordinate for you the others who will be involved. Obviously there will be a builder, a Landscape Architect, a Land Surveyor and possibly other consultants for interior design. We believe in working as a team until the day you move in. Zach and TJ are trained to do this and together have 45 years of experience. We encourage you to acknowledge this and use it to your benefit. We will always give you direction and opinions but we recognize it is your home and your decision is final and respected.

Designing homes is always a challenge but it’s always fun. That is why we do it and do it every day.

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